Our Vision

Wine Barrel Planter   This is the first wine barrel I ever owned.  Yes, it serves a purpose but a greater potential is lost.  A trip to the Okanagan wine region opened my eyes and imagination to the art of wine barrel repurposing.  We've been happily at it for 5 years now.
I've always fancied myself as a "green" person. I compost, recycle and try to be a steward for Mama Earth but nothing is more gratifying for me than building something in a responsible manner.

Plying through layers of grime from the top of a barrel to expose a beautiful cooperage stamp and sanding staves to reveal a gorgeous oak wood grain- now that's satisfying.

Making functional furniture and other items that people appreciate from a barrel that has exhausted its' wine making ability (thus avoiding the lowly planter retirement) well, that gives me a real fuzzy feeling

If you have a custom project in mind do drop me a line- I love doing custom work for folks who appreciate 100 year old oak as much as I do.  Cheers!

Brent in an Adirondack